An exhibition celebrating the last drop of Fitzroy’s Brooklyn Arts Hotel.

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Brooklyn Arts Hotel is an iconic institution located in Fitzroy. Dubbed by Design Files as “the most creative hotel hub in Melbourne”, the Brooklyn Arts Hotel has seen a vast mix of people through its doors and sleeping in its beds. The hotel was founded in its current form in 2006 by Maggie Fooke who painted each room a different colour, decked the building out with some funky furniture and has kept the doors open and guestbook full ever since.

Sadly, the building has been sold and will no longer run as the Brooklyn Arts hotel after March 2020, but timing is such that there is one week before settlement when the place will be empty. No guests and no furniture for the first time in over 16 years.

From the 5th to the 8th of March, we will be celebrating this piece of old Fitzroy the only way we know how; with a whole lot of art and a whole lot of eccentrics.

Over 40 creative practitioners have individually and collaboratively responded to the concept of ‘SUPERNACULUM, to the last drop’ and will be exhibiting their works in the hotel’s rooms.

Supernaculum comes from ‘to drink upon the nail’, a phrase coined from a 16th century drinking game where players pour the remaining drops in their glass onto their nail. If there are more drops left in your cup than can fit on your nail, you have another drink. The meaning that has survived the longest, though rare, is the idea that if a beverage is of the highest quality, it must be drunk to the very last drop. We believe Brooklyn and its iconic legacy in Fitzroy and Melbourne is exactly that, one of the highest quality. And we are going to squeeze every last drop out of it.

The (im)permanent exhibition will be free to visit between 12 and 5pm, but for all those who want to experience Brooklyn Arts Hotel in its finest and final form, join us for SUPERNACULUM UP LATE; some wild evenings of passionate creativity and mad enthusiasm.

In addition to the gallery works, come see a program of music, theatre, dance and performance. There will be limited tickets for the evening events to ensure an intimate experience, as short performances will take place in intervals over the evening, taking you from room to room and art-form to art-form. This is an artist-run initiative with any proceeds going to the recording and processing of SUPERNACULUM.

So please come and join us to celebrate the bittersweet last drop of the Brooklyn Arts Hotel; get into bed with a poet, meet our resident guest who has overstayed his welcome but is too charming to kick out, witness site specific dance works choreographed across bathrooms and bedrooms, audio visual performances in a shower, be sung to in a sunroom, see hotel sheets transformed into canvases using salvaged ink. With drinks and food from the garden bar and DJs and selectors curated by Emelyne Khor (The Blend, PBS and Northside Records). 

To learn more about the hotel and its history CLICK HERE