Supernaculum (not comparable)
  1. (obsolete) According to the rules of an old drinking game in which the drinker upturned the empty cup and had to drink more if the remaining droplets spilled beyond the edge of his fingernail.
  2. To the last drop, to the bottom.

Supernaculum comes from ‘to drink supernaculum’, a phrase coined from a 16th century drinking game where players would pour the remaining drops in their glass onto their nail. If there were more drops left in your cup than could fit on your nail, you would be required to have another drink. The meaning that has survived the longest, though rare, is the idea that if a beverage is of the highest quality, it must be drunk to the very last drop. We believe Brooklyn and its iconic legacy in Fitzroy and Melbourne is exactly that, one of the highest quality.

This concept of ‘supernaculum’ and ‘to the last drop’ is the inspiration for an upcoming exhibition, the first and last of its kind to be presented at Brooklyn Arts Hotel. The hotel closes its doors forever this March and to send it off, we are celebrating this piece of old Fitzroy the only way we know how; with a whole lot of art and a whole lot of eccentrics.

And we would like to invite you to be involved.

In Brooklyn Arts Hotel fashion, we would like to represent all areas of the arts; visual, audio, conceptual, performance, installation, media, literature, philosophy, craft, film, animation and activism.

We are excited to invite those who;
  • Have a creative practice that responds to the concept
  • Have an artwork that responds to the concept
  • And those who would like to make a specific work that responds to the concept, exhibit, contribute and collaborate with us this March. 

The idea of resourcefulness and sustainability is one that Brooklyn Arts Hotel has always embodied. Maggie, the founder, deliberately applied the three R’s of sustainability to her business practice; reduce, reuse and recycle. In a world that seems to be endlessly more disposable, how can we value something right to the end of its life? Extending this idea to non-material goods, how does this apply to ideas, concepts, emotions and genres.

So, what does it mean to:
  • make the most out of something
  • get one’s money’s worth
  • not let something go to waste
  • be resourceful
  • push it to the limit
  • to use something to the last drop

If this concept inspires you in anyway, we would love to hear from you.

Artist opportunities:
  • Exhibit in an iconic building that will never have public access again (the business has been sold as a private residence)
  • Exhibit in an alternative to a gallery space
  • Private opening events
  • Network and collaborate with other artists
  • Curators are willing to talk through presentation options and assist with equipment requirements
  • A chance to sell works
  • Documentation of the exhibition and individual works
  • Works will be presented afterwards as an ongoing online exhibition
  • No artist fee for submitting works
  • Invigilators will watch the gallery space on behalf of artists

Curators will be arranging works, with consultation from artists, in the following spaces:
  • Bedrooms, each painted a different colour
  • Dining room
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Facade of building

We encourage creative thinking about activating usual spaces.

Exhibition details:
  • Exhibition will be at Brooklyn Arts Hotel, 48-50 George St Fitzroy
  • Exhibition will run from 5th March until 8th March
  • Opening hours 2pm - 10pm with live performances 6pm - 10pm
  • Bump in from 3rd March
  • Bump out 9th/10th March

How to submit:
Email with your idea, bio and any supporting images or links by Monday 17th February