‘Internal Worlds’ was an immersive site specific contemporary dance work. When the night comes to a close, when socialising finishes, when one is alone in their own reality. It explores the heightened sense of self after the rush of social density to come home and enter an internal realm. When your body lets you down, how do different fragments of reality manifest? It explores chaotic desire, the battering of the body, pushing into the last drop of aliveness of a night. It is eruptive and urgent. It is an exhaustive climax. It is the end of an inspiration.
CRAWL is Kassie Junkeer and Ruby Roo. Their debut work ‘Internal Worlds’ can be seen as a spark of their seamless energetic collaboration. Having trained in contemporary and classical, Kassie is interested in dance as a form of integrative expression, a vessel through which to immerse herself in realms between sonic and physical space. Ruby Roo is interested in somatic practices and bodywork and how our bodies connect with our environment, how we entangle and untangle ourselves. Trained in contemporary dance and bodywork, Ruby looks to explore dance that invokes emotive and unplaced nostalgic responses.