12pm - 5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Visual, audio, conceptual, installation, sculpture, media, film, animation, literature, design, craft, philosophy and activism.

6pm - 10pm, Friday and Saturday.

For all those who want to experience Brooklyn Arts Hotel in its finest and final form, join us for some wild evenings of passionate creativity and mad enthusiasm. In addition to the gallery works, come see a program of music, theatre, dance and performance.

Get in bed with poet, meet our resident guest who has overstayed his welcome but is too charming to kick out, witness site specific dance works choreographed across bathrooms and bedrooms, audio visual performances in a shower, be sung to in a sunroom, see hotel sheets transformed into canvases using salvaged ink.

Short performances in intervals over the evening will take you from room to room and artform to artform; think Happenings, think Fluxus, think 1960’s New York City. We have limited tickets each evening to ensure an intimate experience. DJs and selectors curated by Emelyne Khor (The Blend, PBS and Northside Records) and a garden bar with drinks and food.