‘Objects of Disarray’ was an installation/performance piece recontextualising original footage and audio samples recorded on the last days of the Brooklyn Arts Hotel. To explore the hidden life of objects, unique Brooklyn Arts Hotel artifacts, hand drawn notes and mementos were picked, captured and squeezed into new patterns by Ehzi and Froth Whitlam (Genre Spanner collective). It was performed live for Supernaculum UP LATE and displayed on loop during the daytime gallery hours.
Ehzi is a visual artist that designs immersive installations that utilise live analog visuals, projection mapping, lighting techniques as well as their own music production & collaborations with performers, musicians and DJs. Recent live projects have focused on building ephemeral imagery specific to each performance from miniDV footage shot from a range of locations (Taiwan, Japan, Australia) which is re-edited, distorted and rebuilt live, layered with camera feeds and analog video synthesizers.