Brodie Kokkinos created a new and site specific work for Supernaculum; a still life inspired by the last guest to have slept at Brooklyn Arts Hotel. Using installation, video and performance, Brodie’s work paired the idea of memory and media and intertwined it with moments of mirroring, (re)collection and (re)contextualising. Brodie’s artistic process included inhabiting the room for 24 hours to sleep and dream in the space.  
Brodie Kokkinos is a conceptual artist using performance to create intimate spatio-temporal situations within visual-art spaces. She is interested in the poesis of making imagined spaces tangible and immersive. Kokkinos’ multi-sensory rooms deploy light, sound and choreographed bodies to alter space perception. Kokkinos’ works exist in a temporal frame and often challenge ideas around time.

Brodie Kokkinos