Dodda Rivka interpreted the concept of ‘to the last drop’ and ‘making the most out of something’ through a selection of their own original music and cover songs. As a self described anti-Marie Condo style band, we felt they fit quite nicely with the anti-Marie Condo style environment that existed within Brooklyn Arts Hotel over its many years.
Comin’ straight outta Langley, via the mean streets of Melbourne CBD, Dodda Rivka is comin’ to get you — in a tie-dyed singlet and some mad glitter boots. Led by singer/songwriter Becky Salomons, with Dave McMillan (Redspencer/Dag) on drums/vocals, and Corina Maul on violin. On any given night you may find Dodda Rivka playing somewhere between the Tote, an iconic live music venue in Collingwood, and Sambell Lodge, an aged care home in Clifton Hill. 

Dodda Rivka