For Supernaculum, Grant used old bed sheets and left over paint from the hotel to create backdrops for the DJs and selectors of our ‘Up Late’ events. The painted sheets were hung over clothes lines in Brooklyn’s shed, exactly where they were hung to dry whilst the hotel operated. Grant also exhibited two intricate paintings in his signature surrealist style that were displayed upstairs in the red room.
Grant Pickers is a mixed-media artist whose work has for a long time heavily revolved around the use of 'wet' and 'dry' as a metaphor for the juxtaposition between 'having' and 'not having’. The way he typically presents this is with the use of abstract, desolate landscapes as the stage for different types of vessels, often in varying states of filling or overflowing. A common archetype that appears frequently in his work is thick viscous liquid acting as a symbol for richness, sometimes pouring from one vessel to another, or laying stagnant in a concrete basin.

Grant Pickers