Harrison Kewley painted new works for Supernaculum using his stylistic choices of cropping and framing so incongruous at times it approaches an almost comedic questioning of human behaviour, consumption and regurgitation. Kewley’s output courts ideas of the absurd, the theatrical and the taboo - unsettling scenarios that deny us a straight-forward or easily digestible narrative. He also made some batches of pruno (prison wine) stashed somewhere in the hotel for those to find and try if they really wanted to push it to the last drop.
Harrison Kewley is an emerging artist moving freely between video, digital, painting and performance. His works jump between scenarios and aesthetics, clashing ideas of risk and uncomfortability. Kewley’s works interrogate values, tastes and the visual languages used for contemporary expression. Like stepping into another person’s suggested video queue, he generates a disturbing cross-examination of our sense of choice or control.

Harrison Kewley