Natasha Peiris presented ‘Self Care as Activism’, a Ayurvedic Ritual Self Care workshop that invited you to decolonise wellness with a ‘last drop’ of warm, herbal Ayurvedic oil. ‘Abhyanga’ (pronounced Ah-bae-yung-gah) is the Sanskrit term for self massage or oiling one's body to nourish and self heal. In Sanskrit the word ‘Sneha’ is the same word for oil and love. Being oiled is believed to have a similar effect as being filled with love.
Natasha Peiris is an Ayurvedic Practitioner. She sees her life as a prayer infusing the sacred with the mundane. A spiritual activist at heart, Natasha’s intention is to cultivate devotion with the Divine and embrace our innate human need to connect deeply to ourselves, each other and with Nature. Founder of Sparsha Ritual Ayurveda, she shares the healing justice of Ayurveda as an invitation to all people for self healing and everyday liberation.

Natasha Peiris